Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sample Work for Kolo

In the past week I've met with the product designer for Kolo and will be producing samples for the company to use in photo shoots, etc. I just finished a batch and am looking forward to seeing the photos that emerge. The designer who works for Kolo began as a traditional fine binder and is excellent with developing new book structures and color palettes for the company.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I did three brand books for Saucony that I just shipped out yesterday. I was sent the sheets from the printer which I then trimmed down and bound by hand. There were some interesting challenges in this project (besides the three day deadline!). One was the transparent vellum flyleaf which had an aversion to moisture. I used a heat activated adhesive to attach it to a japanese paper hinge which was then attached to the textblock. The whole textblock was perfect bound because the designers had to send individual 11 x 17" sheets rather than folded sheets, and they didn't want to lose any information in the gutter margin if it were to be sewn. The front logo is foil stamped in silver and the back tread mark is screenprinted on.