Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Type

This is brand new metal type still in its package from the Bauer Type Foundry. The Bauer Type Foundry operated from 1837 to 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany. That puts the age of these unopened font sets at approximately 35 years. I've recently purchased several brand new (old) packages of foundry type for use in my Kensol stamping press. You can see the chase I use here for the Kensol and how I set the type. Using metal type (whether it is brass or foundry type) to stamp on bookcloth, paper or leather, is incredibly satisfying. That is why these neat little faded red packages all stacked together give me a slight rush. I am strange--I know this.


PLO said...

I can completely understand your joy. Congrats on your new studio space, I happened upon here from your siblings pen site.

Shelter Bookworks said...

My bro has the best, most wonderfully updated blog. I can only dream of such steadfastness!! Thanks for stopping by and for your good wishes.