Tuesday, March 17, 2009

21st Editions Plate Book Project

These are more images from the set of Plate Books I completed for 21st Editions, publishers of fine contemporary photography. I constructed 70 plate books and 20 boxes to house the books. In addition to the plate book acting as a way to house a single photogravure plate along with its print, it also acts as a display device. The owner/collector can take a single work out, display it, and then put it safely away. This is a great solution to displaying any kind of two-dimensional artwork. The plate books themselves have a few unique features that you do not see in traditional binding. First, the core board is not book board but a .040 sheet of aluminum. I will be doing a future blog post about how to use metal in this manner. Second feature is the spine material--a saturated felt spine. It is very strong and very flexible. Third interesting feature is that everything except the labels and the plates went on dry, with various drymount adhesives. I have to thank Daniel Kelm for exposing me to all of these methods! I actually worked on the prototype for this structure while working for Dan at the Wide Awake Garage. Did I mention he is a genius?