Friday, April 03, 2009

Noriko Ambe

There have been quite alot of artists lately who alter books through cutting. I like this series by Noriko Ambe because it not only seems to be about the look of the pieces but takes the cutting a step further into self-investigation. This altering of Ed Ruscha's book illustrates, to me, an artist who is both acknowledging the historical significance of Ed Ruscha's work in the book format as well as challenging it. You can see more of her work here.

Her work is also on view right now with other "cutters" at the Bellevue Arts Museum as part of an exhibition called The Book Borrowers: Contemporary Artists Transforming the Book.


Monica Holtsclaw said...

Wow! These books are incredible! First to look at, and then to imagine the work that went into them. Thanks for the introduction to both Ambe and Belott.

Shelter Bookworks said...

Thanks for your comment.I'd love to see how many blades the artist goes through in making one book!

Monica Holtsclaw said...

No kidding! I'm sure they don't last long. I wonder what type of blade she uses. Maybe a variety?